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Welcome to the BreakFree Newsletter! 


We created this newsletter series to inspire fellow technologists by providing valuable content that's easy to consume. If you've gone searching for resources to aid in your skills development, you know that not all tech-related content is valuable — especially when you have limited time. 

That's why we've done the work for you, curated by our own team of experts as well as trusted sources that provide information to aid in your digital initiatives. 

Do you have thoughts on topics you'd like to see included in our next newsletter? Shoot us a message at Thanks and happy reading!


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Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp 

Our first Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp is now full. Since spots filled so quickly and with the holidays approaching fast, we will be hosting another session for those that didn't get the chance to sign up on January 12th at 1:30 PM CST.


This bootcamp is for digital security leaders on how they are re-tooling security, processes, and technology without sacrificing high-velocity building and engineering on the cloud.

If you're a security leader within your organization and are interested in attending, please click below to access the invitation and more information.

Leadership Bootcamps

We will be in touch.

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Must Reads

Business People Talking Each Other

What is a chief digital officer? A digital strategist and evangelist in chief

Chief digital officers are responsible for the adoption of digital technologies across an organization and transforming business strategy using technology and data. shares more info on this newer role. 

Business Team

Transformational leadership is an approach that encourage employees to be innovative and create change. From, here is how to implement the approach. 

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8 steps for finance leaders to deliver digital transformation

To thrive in an unstable environment, organizations need to digitize quickly to stay relevant. From Financial Management, here are 8 steps for finance leaders to deliver digital transformation.

Modern office

Is Your Company Seizing Its Digital Value?

In the digital era, firms need to focus on how they will create and capture value with digital in order to leave substantial value on the table. Harvard Business Review asks whether your company is fulling seizing its digital potential. 


The Pivotal Role of the Chief Digital Officer

A CDO is a new C-suite position that has emerged in the last two years, specifically to lead digital transformation strategies. CIO Drive talks about the pivotal nature of this role. 

Financial Graphs

Get More Value from Your Automation Investments

Value Stream Mapping is the key to finding unexpected time and cost savings.


Digitalization and the pace of change
with Alan Triggs, Nokia's Chief Digital Officer

3 Tips for Leaders to get the Future of Work Right

Screen Shot 2022-12-15 at 11.55.46 AM.png

"Work that's dictated by a fixed schedule, place and job description doesn't make sense anymore, says leadership expert Debbie Lovich. In light of the cultural shift towards remote work sparked by the pandemic, Lovich gives three essential tips to leaders so employees can keep their autonomy (while remaining productive), companies can let go of rigid bureaucracy and we can all reshape work to better fit our lives. After the talk, host Modupe Akinola explores the benefits and downsides of attending meetings remotely.


This is an episode of TED Business, another podcast in the TED Audio Collective. To hear more episodes, follow TED Business wherever you're listening to this. We'll be back on July 22 with a new season of TED Tech—and a surprise."

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