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Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp 
Session 2

Build security on the cloud—without sacrificing velocity


Since session 1 filled instantly, we are facilitating a second session of this workshop with leading Bank and Insurance digital security leaders on how they are re-tooling security, processes, and technology without sacrificing high-velocity building and engineering on the cloud.

Thursday, January 12th at 1:30 PM CST

What to Expect:

The Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp is part of a whiteboarding series hosted by BreakFree Solutions' CTO, Bradley Clerkin. Your takeaways will include: 


  • Focused change: How to structure security to manage velocity without sacrificing compliance and secure products.

  • The Outcomes: How to define the right outcomes to drive changes needed.

  • The Target State: Streamlined compliance workflows and automated test and documentation. Remediation in sprint over after the fact inspection.

  • How: Learn about the BreakFree Security Framework (Cloud Security Library, Application Control Subsets and Digital Security Solutions Design) and how you can apply it in your organization

What You'll Gain:

You and your leader peer group benefit from the Q&A-led discussion on digital security. You will walk away with first person insight to what the group has learned so that you can accelerate your strategies.

What to Know:

Here’s all you need to know before going into this event.

  • This is a virtual event

  • Hosted via Microsoft Teams (Note: You do not need a Microsoft Teams account in order to attend)

  • The bootcamp will take place Thursday, December 8th at 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm CST.

  • This is an exclusive invitation and is non-transferable except to a direct peer-level colleague or direct report

Meet Bradley Clerkin

Bradley has decades of experience helping Banks and Insurance companies extend the IT Operating model by building digital product, developing digital foundations at scale, and enabling modern approaches to operations that support cloud level speed.

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube


Please enter your information in the required boxes to RSVP to the Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp.

Note: The Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp will be hosted via Microsoft Teams. You do not need to have an account associated with Microsoft Teams in order to attend our webinar. If you have issues registering or you are not redirected to our registration form, please email us at

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