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Our Story

BreakFree supports the CIO's organization in the execution of their digital strategy. We set out six years ago with a vision for what a digitally capable IT operating model would look like. We were very fortunate to be able to operationalize that model out of the gates at a $40B publicly traded bank.

From that engagement forward, we've been developing our delivery standards, manifested through our Delivery Kit and a suite of Frameworks. These frameworks set the standard for how the various digital strategy components that support the digital IT operating model should function.

We’re experts at finding experts.

We know that IT organizations don’t always have the time they wish they had to find the right talent to drive their digital transformation. At BreakFree, we locate, recruit, hire and retain the best minds in technology as it relates to our offerings, employing individuals who are experts at DevOps, cloud-native platforms and all of our varied services.

Our Delivery Team, made up of multi-talented, adaptable Solutions Engineers, Architects, product owners, and consultants, are hand selected by our leadership team, who has a combined 60 years of experience as technologists in this field. They know how to spot and nurture digital talent.
After hiring those with skills in our core capabilities, BreakFreers continue to expand their abilities in their interest areas to become well-rounded technologists.


Additionally, our team is comprised of expert consultants, who hone their skills in communication so that they can transfer their knowledge to our clients and allow them to get the most out of their digital investments.

Interested in working for BreakFree? That’s awesome because we are always hiring!

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President Mitchell Northcutt, Vice President of Service Delivery Robert Wilson and Chief Technology Officer Bradley Clerkin founded BreakFree Solutions in 2016.


The BreakFree leadership team has a long history of building highly successful companies that help IT respond to disruptive changes. They’ve systematically perfected a formula for how to drive change in enterprise IT and have dedicated their careers to doing just that.  

When building BreakFree, the strategy was straight forward: Focus on hiring the best talent and providing that talent with the tools and Frameworks necessary to make the impacts that companies needed. This focus has produced the best technology Delivery Team in the business and the most comprehensive and effective delivery processes, tools, and methods required to consistently deliver results at large, complex enterprises looking to execute digital strategy

Mitch, Rob, and Bradley continue this focus today, along with a new focus on scaling the model nationally as demand for our services and Frameworks continues to rise year over year. 

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