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Virtual Tools

Whiteboard (1080 x 900 px) (1) copy.png
Whiteboard (1080 x 900 px) (1) copy.png
BreakFree Whiteboard

The BreakFree Virtual Whiteboard is a free and open-source online collaborative whiteboard that allows many users to draw simultaneously on a large virtual board. The board is updated in real time for all connected users. It can be used for purposes like sprint planning, UI sketching, increments of value, creating the sprint backlog, design and teaching. The download button may be used to save a .svg of the board.

BreakFree Sprint Estimator

SprintEstimator is a tool based on a Scrum technique used to size Product Backlog Items (PBIs) during an event known as Sprint Planning. In essence, the SprintEstimator is a tool Cross-Functional Teams use to collectively decide how many PBIs can be pulled into a single Sprint — a two to four week event in Scrum — based on the level of involvement an item calls for, and the amount of time and resource allocation needed for each backlog item selected. This allows the team to be much more productive.

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