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What We Do

We make IT organizations
Digitally Capable by operationalizing core capabilities.

Digital Product, Data,
& RPA Engineering

To become digitally capable, modern engineering organizations must build effective revenue generating digital products, RPA, and data solutions. These organizations continuously fund, create, and operate products and data solutions.

Cloud-Native Platform Products

Engineering organizations need highly capable cloud-native platforms built on a strong cloud foundation. If they are effectively consumable, and continuously enhanced, they enable the building of digital products and solutions. 


The ability to manage digital applications, solutions, platforms, and infrastructures requires a modern approach which prioritizes speed and scale. That’s what DevOps is all about. 

Digital Capable Talent

Engineering talent is the fuel of a digitally capable organization. To ensure you're staffed with top talent, you must have the ability to re-skill existing workforce towards digital engineering expertise, up-skill existing expertise through continuous learning, and attract new talent.


Digital products and solutions need to be secure and in compliance with regulatory standards. The speed, complexity, and variability of digital requires we engineer security into our solutions up-front. We provide mechanisms for demonstrating compliance that integrate with engineering groups' operations, without limiting speed or scale. 

Agile Work Management & Cross-Functional Teams

Pragmatic adoption of Agile practices and people management models, such as cross-functional teams, creates a work management capability and team structure which is capable of responding and adapting to the continuously changing demands of digital environments. 


BreakFree Frameworks & Delivery Standards
Drive Impactful Engagements

How We Do It

Driving outcomes through expertise,
thought leadership, and engineering capacity.

​Our Agile engagements, Frameworks, and Delivery Kit set the standard. They are the culmination of our extensive experience and guide us in operationalizing and scaling digital IT capabilities.

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Why We Do It

Helping organizations become digital leaders.

To fulfill this mission, we have skilled technologists who are adaptable, continuous learners, and forward thinkers — those who embody the "BreakFree Way".

Through our engagements, we’ve generated unique Frameworks, perspective positions on the digital capable IT model, and delivery standards that allow for the scaling of our services. 

Operate at the Pace of Change


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