BreakFree DevOps Incubate™

BreakFree DevOps Incubate™ is purpose-built to deliver DevOps pilots, which will demonstrate DevOps functions on a small scale and act as the foundation for a more mature DevOps business case. BreakFree DevOps Incubate™ establishes a DevOps team co-staffed by your engineers and BreakFree architects and engineers.

✓ Establish critical DevOps functions.

✓ Equip your team with foundational DevOps skills.

✓ Demonstrate DevOps delivery velocity.

✓ Recommended future state for further DevOps improvements and implementation next steps.

BreakFree DevOps Accelerate™

Velocity is the key to competing in the new digital landscape. BreakFree DevOps Accelerate™ helps you integrate DevOps into your operating model to dramatically increase velocity and remove barriers to delivering software products and IT services.

✓ BreakFree guides your adoption of DevOps in the enterprise – identifying anticipated services, designing the automation platform, mapping DevOps functions, and building an adoption playbook.

✓ BreakFree provides guidance, delivery leadership, subject matter expertise, and engineering capabilities and capacity to help you execute on the adoption playbook.

✓ BreakFree pairs with your team during the execution of the playbook with the ultimate goal of operating DevOps yourself.

BreakFree Automate

Infrastructure automation is now essential for agile software development, DevOps, cloud, and on-premise infrastructure. BreakFree provides automation services across the IT value stream.

✓ Establish a comprehensive automation platform.

✓ Utilize our Special Operations teams to assist with complex automation projects.

✓ Expand your team’s skills through pairing and structured knowledge transfer.

BreakFree RapidDeploy™ 

BreakFree RapidDeploy™ compresses the timeframe to fully operationalize technology solutions. Utilize BreakFree RapidDeploy™ for Kubernetes, Chef Automate, Puppet Enterprise, HashiCorp tools, and Immutable Infrastructure.

✓ Deploy tooling platforms utilizing BreakFree automations.

✓ Operationalize production use-cases to accelerate tool adoption.

✓ Onboard and train resources with BreakFree engineers utilizing Agile pairing.

BreakFree Cloud Control Framework™

BreakFree Cloud Control Framework™ delivers a comprehensive set of cloud security and compliance artifacts that enable dramatic increases in the effectiveness and velocity of cloud security.

✓ Provide development teams with a clear set of requirements upfront in the development cycle.

✓ Provide audit and compliance a clear set of evidence that solutions are built and operated according to security and compliance requirements.

✓ Take advantage of patterns to eliminate rework.

✓ Normalize public control libraries into a condensed organization-specific control library.

✓ Merge technical design and security controls to build secure infrastructure as code.

BreakFree VS-Opt™

Business velocity has changed the approach to service delivery and the IT value stream. Achieving ‘fast flow’ through optimization of IT processes will enable better, faster IT. BreakFree VS-Opt™ will help you realize fast flow, shorter lead times and reliable customer outcomes.

✓ Visualize your current IT value stream

✓ Align processes to agile

✓ Establish a clear path to continuous delivery

✓ Identify and prioritize opportunities for automation

✓ Shrink the value stream from months or weeks to days or hours

✓ Visualize your Target State

✓ Establish a value stream continuous improvement framework

BreakFree Special Ops™

Our technical teams are focused on helping you attack your key initiatives and fill the major skill-set gaps. Our operators can engage in a variety of models including team augmentation, transition support, and managed services.

✓ We provide high-velocity subject matter experts who directly augment client teams.

✓ We collaborate and assist clients with transitional support as they shift to new operating models.

✓ We deliver comprehensive and specialized managed service packages for DevOps, cloud, and automation.