I am ecstatic to be able to announce the launch of BreakFree Solutions on our Insight blog. In order to properly introduce you to BreakFree, I’d like to use Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle and answer the why, how, and what of BreakFree.

The why of BreakFree, or better put, the purpose of BreakFree is rooted in the major shift that has happened in IT. This shift has been driven by cloud technologies, automation, hyper-converged infrastructure, and mobility, which make up the new enterprise IT operating model. Adoption of this model is now required if IT organizations wish to stay competitive and offer solutions that their business units need to do business effectively.

The founders of BreakFree realized that while the industry has shifted, the majority of enterprise IT groups have not. This resistance to change has caused great conflict between IT and the business units utilizing their services. It is forcing business units to engage in uncontrolled pioneering through shadow groups leading to an abundant amount of wasted effort and resources focused on legacy technology. In many cases, the conflict has a measurable negative impacts to bottom-line due to lack of competitive and impactful technology services. Our purpose is to remove this conflict and drive enterprise IT to BreakFree from the status quo and embrace a culture of controlled pioneering and advancement of how IT operates.

As Simon Sinek highlights when discussing the Golden Circle, it is much easier to develop the how and the what we do when we start with the why. Starting with the why truly enabled us to bring to market a purpose-built portfolio of service offerings designed to help you accelerate your transformation to the new target operating model:

  • Elevate helps IT shift to a modernized operating model.
  • Incubate provides the foundational elements of an enterprise scale implementation in a production pilot setting.
  • Accelerate helps you rapidly deploy each point solution of the target operating model at enterprise scale.
  • Migrate ensures that the movement of services is accurate, reliable, and comprehensive.
  • Automate helps you deploy bulletproof automation solutions.
  • Operate takes the fear, uncertainly, and doubt out of managed service selection through the Operate Network of managed service providers.

Finally, the what we do came naturally after answering the why and how. BreakFree Solutions is a dedicated group of technology architects and experts in the business of IT who bring to market our service offerings and implement next generation cloud, data center, mobility, and automation solutions. Our comprehensive ecosystem of partners include Nutanix, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Chef, ClearData, and Workspot to name a few.

Breakfree is led by President, Mitch Northcutt and Directors, Robert Wilson and Bradley Clerkin (me). Mitch has over 30 years of experience as a trailblazer in the development and implementation of business technology strategies. As the President of BreakFree, Mitch develops and directs the delivery of forward-thinking IT solutions and service offerings. Robert has worked within enterprises his entire career, helping them to improve data center infrastructure and technology services for over 20 years. At BreakFree, Rob is instrumental in developing solutions that will continue to transform IT. Finally, I have spent my career concentrated on how automation, cloud, and lean processes can usher in a new era of business-centric enterprise IT. At BreakFree, I’ll help mature our service offerings, ensure quality execution and delivery, develop and maintain key partnerships, and oversee the creation and execution of automation and cloud training programs.

If you believe as we do that the environment around you has shifted and you are ready to undertake the transformation from status quo to the new IT operating model and push the boundaries of the IT, get in touch.