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How BreakFree Solutions' DevOps Playbook Framework Supports Your IT Goals

By BreakFree Solutions' Staff

DevOps transforms how IT organizations operate, allowing them to achieve greater speed and scale. BreakFree Solutions' DevOps Playbook Framework enables companies to operationalize DevOps throughout their IT organization, utilizing the right processes, technologies, and techniques to reach their desired objectives and unlock the potential of DevOps.

The DevOps Playbook Framework

We created the DevOps Playbook Framework to enable our clients to drive effective and broad adoption of DevOps while avoiding common pitfalls and anti-patterns.

At the framework's foundation is a repeatable process that groups and individuals can utilize to develop an execution-focused set of DevOps approaches (otherwise known as a Playbook), which directly impacts localized goals and objectives.

In addition, the framework contains elements to help control the decentralized nature of a Playbook approach and help solve for skills development, cross-playbook collaboration, variability control, and centralized DevOps support functions.

In adopting the BreakFree DevOps Playbook approach, organizations can mature and scale DevOps capabilities across their IT organization in a dually focused way that establishes:

  • methods for driving broad adoption in a decentralized manner and

  • the appropriate top-down supporting functions to decrease time required to reach elevated levels of DevOps maturity.

Using the Framework

Here are some ways our clients have utilized the DevOps Framework.

  • Making a case for implementing DevOps.

Our framework helps people articulate to teammates, groups, and/or stakeholders how enabling DevOps will contribute to real-world business impacts.

  • Finding solutions for complex delivery issues.

Teams struggling to meet goals, such as improved time to production, have used our framework to identify processes needing improvement and create solutions to resolve the issue, such as strategic automation.

  • Scaling.

This framework provides a game plan for scaling DevOps in a standardized way across their enterprise.

Here’s How: Breaking Down the Framework’s Components


Because DevOps has broad impacts across many areas of IT, understand what goals you are aiming to achieve with DevOps rather than selecting a standard DevOps solution that may not apply to your goal realization.


Actions are techniques pioneered by DevOps that teams can use to solve for their goals.


Formations define the people groupings and skill sets needed to support Playbook and Game Plan execution, creation, and delivery. We use these in the framework to universally define team structures and individual contractor roles related to DevOps across an organization.

Play Calls

Play Calls are strategic plans that outline what work to do, what order to do work in, and who needs to do the work to progress on the goal.


Our Playbooks detail how we will achieve short and midterm objectives, house a collection of Play Calls, and supply necessary narratives around goals, current state/scouting, dependencies, and supporting information to show work for how we came to conclusions.

Game Plans

Game Plans build on Playbooks by adding elements that make the plan actionable, such as formation assignments; roadmaps; objectives that map to goals and drive short to midterm play prioritization; resourcing requirements; scouting/current state discovery; key results; etc.

Avoid Pitfalls for Seamless Adoption

When building a Playbook, you could endlessly seek to discover more current state information and spend too much time in this pre-execution stage. Instead, time-box analysis and get to the Game Plan execution phase as quickly as possible. Focus on clarifying goals and objective key results that will lead you to execution faster.

Additionally, an overemphasis on establishing leadership buy-in or collaborating with other groups/teams will slow you down. Playbook creation should be the priority, localized to an initial team impact area. Cross-team working comes after execution has begun in order not to be too theoretical.

DevOps has the potential to revolutionize IT organizations in terms of efficiency and agility, but it is essential to understand DevOps goals and establish appropriate techniques for achieving them.

BreakFree Solutions' DevOps Playbook Framework provides an effective way to realize these goals by helping clients create strategic plans; house a collection of Play Calls; produce actionable Game Plans; and avoid common pitfalls.

With this framework at your disposal, you can quickly reach elevated levels of DevOps maturity. If you want to make DevOps adoption part of your IT strategy, BreakFree Solutions has the DevOps Playbook Framework to help you succeed. Contact us today and see how DevOps can revolutionize your IT organization.

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