Infrastructure teams are focusing on automating and provisioning VMs faster, and in the meantime, developers are using Agile and writing code that’s ready for testing faster than ever before. However, because infrastructure teams are focused on the backend and the developers are focused on the frontend, everything the middle is getting missed.

This results in unidentified bottlenecks that impede the velocity that’s core to shipping software. Enterprise IT is applying resources and investments in automation, but they’re not necessarily increasing velocity. You must look at the entire IT value stream to ensure automation benefits are realized.

To help enterprises realize the necessary velocity, BreakFree Solutions has launched BreakFree VS-Opt™. BreakFree VS-Opt™ helps enterprises identify opportunities to apply automation and establish a continuous improvement process for their IT value stream. The BreakFree VS-Opt™ continuous improvement process includes:

  • Value stream mapping: Visualization of the observations and measured current state and associated metrics.
  • Metrics-based analysis: Enables a deeper understanding of current processes and identifies top bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.
  • Imbedded observation and measurement: Our knowledgeable DevOps special Ops are imbedded within your team for observation focused on measuring in-flight process execution.
  • Adoption of value stream optimization: Establish a framework and pair with our resources to build internal experts capable of executing value stream optimization on their own.

Key outcomes of BreakFree VS-Opt™:

✓ Visualization of the current IT value stream
✓ Identified and prioritized opportunities for automation
✓ Process alignment to Agile
✓ A clear path to continuous delivery
✓ A clear path for shrinking the time to value
✓ Visualization of the target state
✓ A framework for continuous value stream improvement

BreakFree VS-Opt™ is all about equipping IT with the techniques needed to optimize their software delivery value stream. It provides the necessary foundation to realize fast flow, shorter lead times, and reliable customer outcomes.

After a prioritized action is developed out of VS-Opt, BreakFree will work with your organization to scale and standardize your tailored continuous improvement process. The end result is your team will have internal experts capable of executing value stream optimization on their own.

Interested in leveraging BreakFree VS-Opt™? Reach out to us, and let’s enable better, faster IT for your organization today.