Establishing a proactive, high-velocity cloud security framework is required in today’s cloud-focused enterprises. Over the past few years, BreakFree Solutions has put our clients on the path to effective cloud usage by establishing and scaling a new cloud security operating framework. The BreakFree Cloud Security Framework ensures proactive, effective security and compliance without limiting velocity; it accounts for cross-functional teams, cloud security capabilities, agile, automation, and DevOps.

Initially, there was substantial overhead required to operate the framework efficiently due to complex processes with steep learning curves that required manual, spreadsheet-focused execution.

Fortunately, we recently discovered JupiterOne, which we now view as a critical piece of the BreakFree Cloud Security Framework. The JupiterOne platform elevates our framework by enabling the creation and management of the entire security process. The High-Velocity Cloud Security at Scale insight report illustrates how our cloud security framework and JupiterOne work in tangent to help enterprises evolve their security in our current cloud era.

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