While working on projects as a Solutions Engineer at BreakFree Solutions, I’ve seen organizations have issues extending identity and access management (IAM) solutions to the cloud, which includes managing multiple profiles, directories, and user identities. Cloud providers understand this need and have developed offerings that can be executed in order to operationalize Single Sign-On (SSO).

Leveraging the Identity Management Solutions and Services offered by cloud providers AWS and Microsoft Azure is your company’s key to Single Sign-On, and here are four reasons why:

1. Fast and Easy

Cloud services have mature identity management services that easily integrate, sync, or federate with your current on premises solution. This is done in minutes through configuration wizards (such as Azure AD Connect) and are hosted in the cloud with little to no on-premise infrastructure needed.

2. Foundational Services

Basic identity and access management solutions are already being implemented into your infrastructure as you consume cloud services such as Azure Active Directory when using Office 365. In order to maximize your consumption of the cloud, it is key to utilize the full capabilities of these services. If your company is already or considering using Azure and AWS, then most likely you are or will be syncing/federating your directory services in some capacity. Take it further and configure these powerful services to enable true SSO. Implementing these services reduces your infrastructure size and complexity, which shortens management time and eliminates needless costs.

3. Single Solution

The cloud providers’ SSO solutions eliminate the need for other single sign-on vendors. Their ability to integrate and authenticate with your organization’s applications means you no longer need to consume third party sign-on solutions. AWS and Azure IAM services allow your organization to quickly and easily join virtual machines to your existing domain in addition to registering applications to authenticate with services such as Azure Active Directory and AWS AD Connector.

4. Improved Speed to Market

Once you’ve synced your identity solution in the cloud, your organization can take advantage of all the simplified offerings of cloud identity management services. Password and identity synchronization eliminates the burden of remembering multiple passwords and usernames, while federation eliminates the need for multiple logins all together. Self-management services such as self-service password resets frees your IT department from performing reactionary tasks and allows them to focus on improving service offerings to the business.

With the rapid pace of IT innovation in today’s market, there is no reason why your company should not be deploying a Single Sign-On Solution. By leveraging the service offerings of Azure and AWS, you can quickly achieve the benefits of SSO while eliminating the need for multiple third party vendors. Cloud IAM is the fastest, most secure, and most operative way to sync directly with your on-premise identity management solution. Now is the time to take advantage of the cloud and integrate AWS and Azure into your infrastructure to allow your IT team to shift their focus on improving time to market. IAM in the cloud is truly the Single Sign-On solution of the future.