The recent boom of coding boot camps is no fad. According to, coding boot camps have had a 9x growth since 2013. In 2018, the coding boot camp market will grow an estimated 20% to an estimated 20,316 graduates. The problem? The entry-level job market for software development is not increasing as the same rate as the current education boom.

Enter Dev Together. Dev Together, which currently has chapters in Chicago, IL, and Madison, WI, is a community focused on connecting those who are just starting their development careers with technical mentors through low-commitment, high-value human interactions. Dev Together’s goal is to support developers’ continued learning as they enter the job market. The Dev Together community’s events provide a personalized learning experience for those who get involved.

What makes Dev Together even better is that it’s completely inclusive. It’s open to any who has ever written code – no matter what language, how many lines, or for how long. Windows or Mac, front-end or back-end, tabs or spaces – it doesn’t matter. Regardless of background or skillset, Dev Together offers technical mentorships to help support your technical development career.

BreakFree Solutions wholeheartedly support Dev Together’s efforts in supporting the developer community. That’s why we are sponsoring the Tuesday, November 13, session of Dev Together Chicago. While registration for the 11/13 session is currently closed, Dev Together Chicago meets the second Tuesday of every month. Get more information on Dev Together and details on their upcoming sessions by signing up for their mailing list at