Container platforms are the next great disruption in the infrastructure space, and the time to operationalize them is now. Their impact is so huge that they need to go straight to the top of your IT initiatives. I get it. IT infrastructure teams have been inundated with major shifts, and the pace of change is at an all-time high. You’ve got DevOps, cloud, Agile software development, and hyper-converged on the massive to-do list of transformation efforts.

However, containers have such a substantial impact across all of these existing initiatives that they require we elevate their status to top priority.

Initiative Impacted by Containers Impact Statement
DevOps Yes Containers optimize the IT software delivery
process out of the box.
Cloud Yes Containers enable increased workload portability
and enforce cloud native design patterns.
Agile Software Development Yes Containers enable developers to build
microservice applications on a microservices-optimized platform.
Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Yes Containers reduce reliance on virtual machines based
infrastructure and enable even further commoditization and simplification of infrastructure.

Container platforms are here, and this isn’t a crawl, walk, or run scenario. They are production-ready and represent the next major iteration of infrastructure. If you’re doing software development, application rewrites, or cloud migrations, you need them in place to maximize investment and run optimally.

BreakFree’s DevOps Special Ops managed by BreakFree’s Agile delivery framework is purpose-built to counter change fatigue by providing specialized skill-set automation and the delivery leadership required to operationalize container platforms.