As a Principal Solution Architect at BreakFree Solutions, I develop and deliver New IT solutions that help our clients accelerate cloud adoption, transform data centers, and automate enterprise IT services. Besides my role as a subject matter expert, I also must act as an agent for change, which means helping our clients navigate the inevitable waves that come with the changes in how they deliver technology services to their internal customers. The technical aspects of the project are often compared to the battle that sometimes ensues in dealing with the change. My secret weapon in this battle is Continuous Communication. Continuous Communication Accelerates Change My method of Continuous Communication uses a framework consisting of three components: communication by the client leadership, communication to the client, and client education. This three-part approach combats the disruption and confusion of complex IT transformation projects and enables the delivery of New IT. 1. Communication by the Client Involving the client in the communication provides the change agent with a powerful message and a true secret weapon to enable change in the enterprise. As a consultant, we are hired to help envision, plan, and execute on complex IT transformation efforts. These projects involve and impact many areas of our client’s business.  Therefore, we request that our client’s leadership regularly communicates to everyone impacted, which includes why we are there, what we are doing, and, most importantly, how our transformation will benefit them. This communication approach creates continuity and focus for our client and enables a smooth enterprise transition for everyone affected by the changes. 2. Communication to the Client IT transformation projects are always disruptive to the status quo, so as change agents, we must effectively and continually communicate the framework of New IT and how it will benefit them. To accelerate change, we must have regular cadence with our client’s leadership that explains our approach and provides updates on project milestones. We also must have regular communication with the client project teams to focus on what is being changed, how these changes are being put into place, and how this will impact their current day-to-day operations. 3. Client Education that Focuses on the Why Our focus on client communication includes an educational approach that explains not only the what and the how, but why these changes are being put into place. We incorporate these messages into our regular communication, so the client will learn in more detail about the solution as it is being put into place. This communication approach will demonstrate how the adoption of New IT will make the company more competitive, profitable, and ultimately make the IT employees jobs more secure in the long run. This continuous communication will also provide the necessary insight to current IT staff on these new technologies and accelerate change by helping these employees identify their role within the new IT enterprise. More Change Agent Consulting Check out my future blog posts where I will go deeper into specifics into my role accelerating change for BreakFree Solutions’ clients. – Vince Montalbano, Principal Solution Architect & Change Agent