Everyone is looking to take advantage of the benefits cloud computing offers. However, most enterprise IT cloud computing efforts involve replicating onpremise infrastructure in the cloud (i.e. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), automated VMs). To actually take advantage of the benefits of cloud — elasticity, increases in development velocity, lower operational overhead from automation, and increased workload resilience — the focus needs to shift to enabling cloud-native capabilities, applications, and products.

We have worked with several organizations to help them adopt a true DevOps operating model. Patterns, best practices, and common approaches emerged that led us to develop the BreakFree Enterprise DevOps Framework. In our new BreakFree Enterprise DevOps Framework insight report, we provide a framework for scaling DevOps across enterprise IT in order to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing, automation, continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and cloud platform solutions.

The BreakFree Enterprise DevOps Framework is structured to effectively guide the institution of Agile and cross-functional delivery, shared practices for DevOps delivery and cloud security, cloud foundational services, and cloud enablement services.

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Finally, for those that want to learn more about the BreakFree Enterprise DevOps Framework, we offer a no-coston-site, and collaborative workshop led by our DevOps experts. Schedule yours today by reaching out to us at info@breakfreesolutions.com.