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The BreakFree Frameworks 

To ensure that our customer base receives consistent, effective, and quality engagements from our Delivery Team, we've defined our standards for DevOps, Agile, data, machine learning, product development, and cross-functional teams

Defining a measurement of success was no small feat. This took our Delivery Team years to fully establish, and we are continually working at expanding and enhancing after every engagement. These standards take the form of repeatable Frameworks for operationalizing key digital supporting IT capabilities, field manuals, execution instructions, and templates. This collection of tools, processes, and artifacts has become known as the Delivery Kit — what many of our clients refer to it as “The BreakFree Way." 

We open source this content to our clients to create a resource that drives our quality and consistency. It sets the standard for our engagements and provides clients with a comprehensive BreakFree knowledge base

The Definitive Guide For Instituting and Scaling Digitally Capable IT.

Agile Delivery Framework

For situations that have constant states of change and high levels of complexity, Agile work management is a series of tools, processes, and techniques for managing prioritization, delivery, and realization of value. 

While understanding an organization's current organization, the Agile Delivery Framework focuses on how to pragmatically operationalize Agile to meet real-world challenges. We avoid dogmatic and one-size fits all Agile solutions, rather we operationalize Agile delivery models for our clients that work for them and give value as quickly and effectively as possible. Scrum, LeSS, SAFe — you name it, we know it, and can utilize an optimal combination to drive effective execution

DevOps Playbook Framework

DevOps processes and technologies have completely re-imagined the speed and scale in which IT organizations can effectively operate. Like Agile delivery, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and the impact is typically broader than most realize. We help companies operationalize DevOps across the IT organization and effectively use the right technology, processes, and techniques to achieve their ideal outcome.

Product Governance & Management Framework

Through this Framework we help companies manage and operate a digital product group and its supporting functions, capabilities, and teams. This encourages autonomy of product owners and gets them the support, resources, and funding they need, while holding them accountable for reaching their goals. We help establish effective management of technical resources in a cross-functional, Agile product world while establishing the control mechanisms necessary to scale product operating models.

Cloud Enablement Framework

Digital is built on the cloud; how you operationalize the cloud matters. You must ensure a secure, solid foundation while also enabling broad and effective consumption of cloud-native services, patterns, and platforms. To do this, we operationalize platforms and products with a minimally viable cloud foundation layer. This ensures the successful delivery and maturation of scaled cloud-native platforms. 

Digital Security Framework

Making digital security elements an integrated function of engineering efforts ensures that those building awesome digital materials know what it takes to protect them. This Framework provides guidance on security controls, automated security guardrails, API driven evidence collection, and secure solution sharing. That way, companies can build safely on the cloud without having to sacrifice velocity. 

Digital Talent Transformation & Skills Development Framework

A culture of continuous learning is key to attracting, retaining, and building highly effective digital talent. By making skills development something team members continually engage in, and continuous learning the default, you create an environment that is both challenging and rewarding. Team members who are learning and growing are more likely to be engaged and motivated, which leads to better performance and a more positive work culture. 

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