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How We Engage

BreakFree is built from the ground up to be execution focused — we pick up where strategy leaves off. Our delivery team is made up of DevOps, cloud-native, and data engineers and architects; developers; technical product owners; and Agile coaches

The Delivery Team works in Agile environments on high-performing, cross-functional teams; in high-impact individual contributor roles; and as technical coaches and mentors. 


BreakFree-led Teams are led by a BreakFree product owner and co-staffed by BreakFreers and client engineers to drive outcomes, solutions, and digital impacts. 

Client-led Teams are led by our clients who are in need of BreakFree resources in the form of highly effective members of cross-functional, Agile teams. Together they make significant contributions towards outcomes and goals.
High-impact individual contributors are there for times when a team is not what’s needed. They consult on digital strategy execution or provide staff augmentation on highly specialized engineering or delivery roles. 
Coaches are BreakFree Senior Technical Team Members who help operationalize skills-development programs, acting as mentors to client technical staff who seek to build upon digital talent skills and satisfy new roles.

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