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Welcome to the BreakFree Newsletter! 


We created this newsletter series to inspire fellow technologists by providing valuable content that's easy to consume. If you've gone searching for resources to aid in your skills development, you know that not all tech-related content is valuable — especially when you have limited time. 

That's why we've done the work for you, curated by our own team of experts as well as trusted sources that provide information to aid in your digital initiatives. 

Do you have thoughts on topics you'd like to see included in our next newsletter? Shoot us a message at Thanks and happy reading!


Mitchell Northcutt,

BreakFree Solutions CEO

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Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp 

Our first Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp is now full. Since spots filled so quickly and with the holidays approaching fast, we will be hosting another session for those that didn't get the chance to sign up on January 19th at 1:30 PM CST.


This bootcamp is for digital security leaders on how they are re-tooling security, processes, and technology without sacrificing high-velocity building and engineering on the cloud.

If you're a security leader within your organization and are interested in attending, please click below to access the invitation and more information.

Leadership Bootcamps

We will be in touch.

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Must Reads

Co Workers

Understanding Pre- and Post-Digital

In order to be digital-ready, you must understand the relationship between pre-digital and post-digital outlooks toward the IT operating model. This blog post from our CTO Bradley Clerkin explains that post-digital values should be seen as an addition to the pre-digital model, not a transition.

Mature Businessman

The use of cloud computing has led to the advancement of many technologies, including artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and quantum computing. From Forbes, here are the top 5 cloud computing trends for 2023.

Person Analyzing Data

8 steps for finance leaders to deliver digital transformation

To thrive in an unstable environment, organizations need to digitize quickly to stay relevant. From Financial Management, here are 8 steps for finance leaders to deliver digital transformation.


What is transformational leadership? A model for motivating innovation

Transformational leadership is an approach that encourages employees to be innovative and create change. From, here is how to implement the strategy.

Work Colleagues

Forget “Training,” Build a Learning Culture

If you want digital transformation to scale, you need to institute a learning culture within IT. IT’s ability to hire, retain, and more importantly up-skill and re-skill talent is a critical component of a digital capable IT organization.

Job Interview

From Crisis To Opportunity: Tackling The U.S. Cloud Skills Gap

With cloud adoption booming, can enterprises keep up with the demand for cloud resources? Forbes writes about turning the skills shortage crisis into an opportunity.

The Breakdown
By BreakFree Solutions


Want to learn more about Agile Scrum? Our hosts are joined by Lauren Matura, Senior Solutions Engineer at BreakFree Solutions. As a BreakFree team member, Lauren has ample experience being part of a Scrum team.


She discusses the ideal team size and formation; what she looks for in a Scrum Master and Product Owner; and the gang discusses how to interrupt a meeting that is dragging over time so you can get back to work. And most importantly, which would Lauren rather deal with: Python (the coding language) or a real python?!


Watch to the end to see Lauren compete for BreakDown Bragging Rights as she competes in the new game: The Python Pyramid!


The BreakDown is a podcast by IT consultancy BreakFree Solutions in which Senior Architects Chris Lee and Nelson Velasquez break down aspects of digital strategy such as Agile Scrum, DevOps, Cloud and more — all while having fun with their friends/coworkers, putting them on the spot with funny games and rapid fire questions.

AI-Powered Embedded Finance Solutions

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 9.18.18 AM.png

"Ari Widlansky, Director of Strategy Alliances at Esker, discusses AI-powered embedded finance solutions. Listen as we explore the technology needed to eliminate tedious procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) tasks using an AI-powered cloud platform. Listen for three action items you can use today".

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