Change the Trajectory of Your IT Investments With a New IT Operating Model

Digital Disruption is reshaping industries. Simply look at the applications you use everyday – Netflix, Uber, Airbnb. These companies are leveraging the cloud to disrupt and innovate at a pace not seen since the industrial revolution. As the next wave of digital disruption approaches driven by Internet of Things including self-driving cars, Amazon drone delivery and wearable devices, business leaders face a critical choice: be the disruptee or become the disruptor by embracing new technologies and facilitating innovation.

Change the Trajectory of Your IT Investments With a New IT Operating Model is a new Insight Report from BreakFree Solutions, which provides an overview of how we help our customers establish a new operating model for their IT organization. Using a Chicago-based financial firm as an example, this Insight Report details how BreakFree’s newly developed IT operating model will consolidate data centers, deploy the latest and market-leading next gen technologies, change IT into a broker of services, and, most importantly, change the trajectory of the firm’s IT investments leading to an extremely positive financial outcome.

A few of this Insight Report’s key points include:

  • Analysis of Current and Desired States
  • Overview of the New IT Operating Model
  • Recommended Technology for the New Operating Model
  • A Roadmap for Implementation
  • Financial Outcomes

You can download the full Insight Report here.

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