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We created this newsletter series to inspire fellow technologists by providing valuable content that's easy to consume. If you've gone searching for resources to aid in your skills development, you know that not all tech-related content is valuable — especially when you have limited time. 

That's why we've done the work for you, curated by our own team of experts as well as trusted sources that provide information to aid in your digital initiatives. 

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Mitchell Northcutt,

BreakFree Solutions CEO

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Must Reads

Business Presentation

Champion of Change: Why Chief Digital Officers Will Become Essential

The Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role is becoming increasingly important in healthcare as organizations move to fee-for-value and view patients as consumers with choices. WittKeifer explains more in this article.

Shared Office

The pandemic forced companies to invest in advanced technologies and build a solid foundation for a brighter future driven by technology. Information Age discusses how this impacts 2023 digital transformation trends.

A Young Man Writing

DevOps can help channel the growth multiplier capabilities of new-age firms

As Express Computer says, DevOps has been paving the way for an improved digital-operational paradigm by streamlining multiple functions. Here's how to use DevOps to channel growth.

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Buzzwords Not Needed

The debate between SRE, DevOps, and Platforms

Rather than debating whether to use SRE, DevOps, or Platforms, companies should focus their efforts on aligning IT operations with revenue and profit targets.

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Skills Shortage Threatens Cloud Security

Does your team have the security skills to keep up with your digital transformation? Forbes discusses how the lack of skilled security personnel is a problem for many IT organizations.

Software Programmer

The cultural shift and adoption of DevSecOps

From the Economic Times, this article discusses the need for security when implementing DevOps.

Digitalization and the pace of change
with Alan Triggs, Nokia's Chief Digital Officer

What Makes a Great Leader
Simon Sinek

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Must Listen

Continuous Feedback With Roni Dover

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"Roni Dover, founder of [](, joins Jess to chat about continuous feedback and what's missing in every DevOps loop."

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