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Digital Readiness

Welcome to the Digital Readiness Scorecard. Here you’ll find a detailed breakdown of each of the sections from the workbook. We recommend reviewing the content in the scorecard sections based on how you scored in the workbook, starting with the lowest scoring section and moving towards the highest. 


We’ve put much effort into providing a comprehensive and perspective scorecard. Our goal was to develop a scorecard that can stand on its own at a 10,000 ft leadership level. For everything below 10,000 feet, we can offer a free virtual whiteboarding deep drive; just reach out and schedule time. 

Score Overview

We wanted to keep it simple and have only three levels of scoring, generally keeping aligned to a “now, next, later” ideal of prioritization. Start by focusing on anything you scored less than 60 on, as it’s likely a situation that blocks your digital execution. For sections scored 80-60, be prepared to focus on improving that as you go through your digital execution journey. Lastly, for everything above an 80, you should feel confident that it’s not going to inhibit, block or slow down digital execution, but we’d still recommend checking the content out when you have time.

Scorecard Sections

To review the sectional content of the scorecard, click on each section icon. You’ll find a breakdown of why we asked the questions we asked, how we weighed things, what your score likely indicates about your current state, what good looks like, recommendations on how to improve if you’ve scored lower on the section and last but not least more supplemental content to help broaden awareness of the given section.

Personal Breakdown of your Score

Meet one-on-one with our CTO, Bradley Clerkin, to discuss a full breakdown of your score and personalized plan to help get you and your organization digitally ready.

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