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Digital Readiness Workbook

The Digital Readiness Workbook helps you understand whether you can support the digital transformation needed to compete in an increasingly modern, technology-focused world.  

About the Workbook



If you are here, you probably have some questions about your bank’s state of digital readiness.

  • Your digital strategy and roadmap might demand speed, while your funding process, technology platform and data mean new products or offerings take way too long to deliver.

  • You have implemented digital core but are not seeing the ROI regarding customer retention and new customer growth. You need options to test and build digital products quickly.

  • Your brand is based on trust, but your compliance practices and governance are stuck in legacy audit mode and you find too many exposures after the fact when it is most expensive to fix.

These are common issues for BreakFree Solutions’ clients. We work with Chief Digital Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, and other forward-leaning executives to incubate and deploy digital-native product offerings; modernize core banking and insurance workflows; and extend IT operating models that support digital velocity. We developed this Digital Readiness Workbook based on hundreds of client engagements to create a quick scorecard you and your teams can use to understand your digital capabilities, including cloud capacity, tool proficiency, and approach to building the right technology skills.

Are You Digital Ready?

This workbook takes less than 30 minutes of your time — 23 minutes, based on prior respondents. You will receive a personalized scorecard and information on where to learn more. We pinpointed key topics because we know your time is precious. You can easily send the tool to people in your organization and start a conversation about different results.


We strongly believe continually reviewing, understanding and iterating your organization’s digital readiness increases the likelihood of business success. Because of that, we built the Digital Readiness Workbook to enable you to start conversations that go far beyond traditional cost-based project investment discussions and peer deeper into making the changes necessary to support digital ambitions.

Are you Digital Ready?

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