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DevOps Leadership Bootcamp

CTO Bradley Clerkin equips digital leaders with a roadmap for effectively instituting and operationalizing DevOps, based on BreakFree's expert frameworks. He covers essential areas of enterprise IT, including pre- and post-digital capabilities, the Digital Triad: DevOps, Agile & Cloud and common anti-patterns we see during digital transformation. He also shares our roadmap, or recommended approach, for instituting core capabilities as well as BreakFree's suite of Frameworks.

DevOps Bootcamp Video

Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction

0:49 Pre-Digital and Post-Digital

Blog Post: Understanding Pre-and Post-Digital Operating Models

04:30 Resistance and Anti-Patterns

Blog Post: How NOT to do DevOps 

06:20 The Digital Triad

Blog Post: The Digital Triad: DevOps, Agile and Cloud

08:05 The Recommended Approach/Roadmap

Blog Post: Avoid Pitfalls with our Roadmap

14:05 BreakFree Enablement Frameworks

Blog Post: To Adopt DevOps, You Need a Game Plan 

Digital Security Leadership Bootcamp

We hope you can attend our next Leadership Bootcamp which will cover Digital Security: how to build safely on the cloud without sacrificing velocity. More info on that to come!

Future Leadership Bootcamps

Our Leadership Bootcamp's gather some of the best minds in technology, drawing in financial, business and IT leaders from top enterprises. To learn the details of our next bootcamp, submit your email below.

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