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SEPTEMBER                      2022





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We created this newsletter series to inspire fellow technologists by providing valuable content that's easy to consume. If you've gone searching for resources to aid in your skills development, you know that not all tech-related content is valuable — especially when you have limited time. 

That's why we've done the work for you, curated by our own team of experts as well as trusted sources that provide information to aid in your digital initiatives. 

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DevOps Leadership Bootcamp

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Must Reads

Colleagues Working Together

Cross-functional vs Multi-functional, what's the difference?

Many use the terms cross-functional and multi-functional interchangeably, but there are essential distinctions between the two. When looking to speed up production times, cross-functional teams are the superior structure.

Office Meeting

Best Scrum Tools for Agile Project Management in 2022

 Scrum is an important Agile project management methodology that helps teams navigate obstacles, streamline their processes, and generate value. From CIO Insight, here are the best tools to get the most out of Scrum.

Writing on Sticky Notes

Scrum vs. DevOps: Are they intertwined or redundant?

Scrum or DevOps? Trick question! Tech Target discusses why thriving organizations don't choose one or the other. 

Group Discussion

We need to do more to help employees adapt to digital transformation

Businesses have had to adapt to survive, and technology is progressively transforming the way we operate. fe news discusses why leaders must help their employees adapt to digital transformation.

Business Discussion

From Traditional Automation To Hyperautomation

Automation technology (such as robotic process automation) enables data-driven decision making and improves productivity. From Forbes, this article discusses the move into hyperautomation. 

Analysing data

Empowering managers with data automation and integration

Financial institutions are increasingly turning to data automation in order to improve efficiency and provide better service to clients. From UC News, here's how to use data automation to your benefit. 

Ted Talk x Simon Sinek

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

"What makes a great leader? Management theorist Simon Sinek suggests, it's someone who makes their employees feel secure, who draws staffers into a circle of trust. But creating trust and safety — especially in an uneven economy — means taking on big responsibility."

Bots & Thoughts: The Hyperautomation Podcast


RPA and Workflow with Director of Product Management - Automation at IBM, Matt Warta


"Automation is a way to retain talent. It's how I make your job more rewarding. Automation was about just automating things but really, what we're seeing is the secondary benefit is, how does it give you a better work-life experience between freeing up and allowing you to work on more things, giving you time to up your skills by doing training because you're not spending 8-14 hours/day fire fighting and trying to get the things done in front of you, but really, having that more rewarding work and flexibility and allowing you to have advancements in an organization…." - Matthew Warta on BAW, employee retention, and the great resignation.

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