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Financial Services, Insurers, Fintechs, Manufacturers, & Healthcare Providers.

At BreakFree Solutions, our delivery team is dedicated to helping clients achieve measurable success. Our experienced professionals are experts in the fields of DevOps, cloud-native engineering, data architecture, product ownership, Agile coaching, and more. Our goal is always to provide our clients with reliable tools and processes to ensure their own success and satisfaction.

Customer Success Stories


Modernizing through the Power of Cloud


This regional Midwest bank leveraged our expertise to modernize its applications and improve customer experiences. Through cloud-native development, automated pipeline tools, and Semantic Versioning, we helped them migrate a platform that will enable scalability for increased demand. As a growing regional bank that relies on local customers as well as large corporates, this new digital system wowed customers looking for an optimized digital banking experience with greater security capabilities than ever before. Additionally, the upgraded system gave this bank an edge when it came to competing with larger national banks, thanks to its extensible scalability even as they grow themselves — all resulting in improved user experiences across the board.


Platform Improvements Using DevOps

This leading mortgage insurer was determined to improve the availability and resiliency of its main customer-serving platform. We implemented the BreakFree DevOps Playbook Framework while also providing cloud desktops for the data analytics team. Cost reduction efforts were given a leg up with guided guardrails and consultation on modeling servers/desktops setup; in addition, existing structures underwent review to suggest new workflows that drastically optimized outcomes.


Innovative Coaching for Talent Transformation

This mutual insurance group wanted to transform IT through the power of DevSecOps. To make this possible, we developed an innovative coaching and pairing program which guides teams from their current proficiency level with careful evaluation and assessment along each step - enabling them to take strides in maturity until ultimate success has been achieved. But achieving these goals requires specialized expertise; that's why they are now seeking experienced coaches who can help even more technical teams become masters of DevSecOps.

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